For the Layer Lemonade online school , we have developed brands and illustrations for bouth the site and the courses. Much more than show the elements, we want to demonstrate the pleasure of their meeting and mixing. Technology and organic are connected to reveal the knowledge’s journey. Shortening distances. Connecting people and knowledge.

The essential things are visible to the eyes! For the Motion Design Essencial course we created a brand that plays with the essentials elements of Design. In the illustrations, you can see such elements interacting with environment and with characters and scenery. Keyframes, robots, VR glasses and even telepath were used to bring life to this playful and multicolored dialogue between human and technology.

Explore you investigative side with Character Animation Expert! The brand brings an allusion to the key, as source of knowledge, wisdom and answers, able to open man doors, real and imaginary ones. The detective way, to be explored by the course with the development of characters, is present in the illustrations that brings monsters, specialists, and essential equipment for good investigations. Exploring and discover the unknown is also part of the universe of design and creation.

Follow the bird trail with Frame a Frame Survival Kit! From a joke with the last surname of the course teacher, we developed both the brand and the illustrations. For this, we broke into the treehouse to show how that lines, colors and frames can unite nature and technology. Enjoy the flight!

For the Layer Lemonade website, we developed colorful illustrations that connect technology to organic, nature to human, mixing textures, desires, and possibilities. The pleasure revealed in the meeting between the elements shows the search for knowledge as something playful and fun. Such is the atmosphere of the Layer Lemonade. Shortening distances. Connecting people and knowledge.

Design + Art Direction: Vinícius Lousa
Creative Direction: Vinicius Lousa e Pilar Bu 
llustration: Sidnei Silva 
Client: Layer Lemonade
Year: 2019

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